The screenwriter who adapted the Bridget Jones books for the cinema is recovering after he was attacked by a fellow dog owner while walking his pet pooch.
Andrew Davies, who is also responsible for the BBC's film adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice, was at a park in Abbey Fields, Warwickshire, England when two aggressive Staffordshire bull terriers ran at his adult mongrel Daisy.
Davies tried to defend his dog by kicking in one of the unruly canines' direction - but then their owner launched into a vicious attack on the 71-year-old, punching him in the eye and knocking him to the ground.
He says, "I drove one of them (the dogs) off. I shouted, 'Go on! Get out of it!' and sort of aimed a kick at it, which was never really meant to connect, and didn't. The dog got the message and went off.
"But the owner shouted, 'Don't you f***king touch my dog!' and ran up and headbutted me and punched me in the eye.
"It knocked me clean off my feet. He was a big guy and I am quite little."
Warwickshire police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.