Brian Wilson and his wife MELINDA have ended years of legal strife with the BEACH BOYS star's former psychologist EUGENE LANDY, after agreeing to put the rocker's years of hell behind them.

Wilson's first wife MARILYN and his bandmates hired Landy to help treat the singer for drug and food obsessions in the mid-1970s and the psychologist spent a decade taking care of the 62-year-old.

But Wilson and his second wife MELINDA claim Landy took liberties and began controlling the rocker.

Appearing on American TV show Larry King LIVE (20AUG04), Marilyn said, "He (Landy) helped Brian lose weight and he helped Brian care about himself physically again, but, as time went on, he became very captive of Brian."

Wilson reveals, "I wasn't able to call my family or my friends at all for nine years. He had that much control on my life. He doped me up with medication. He kept me doped up so I couldn't resist what he told me to do. He's a control freak."

Wilson was so "doped up" he doesn't even remember suing Landy, now a teacher in Hawaii, when he wed Melinda, who fought to separate the psychologist and Wilson by asking the American attorney general's office to intervene.

She recalls, "When I married Brian we were in the midst of nine separate lawsuits. They've all come out fine."

23/08/2004 10:41