Former BEACH BOYS star Brian Wilson is paying the price of his wild drug-addled youth - as he suffers from agonising auditory hallucinations on a daily basis.

The GOOD VIBRATIONS rocker hears terrifying voices in his head, but he has found a way to converse with them and persuade them to back off.

He says, "They come to me, they start talking at me. Usually it's negative.

"It's like, 'We're going to kill you, you've got so long to live', all that kind of thing.

"You fight back with whatever you have - whatever there is to fight back with.

"I say, 'The hell with this,' and they got 'To hell with you, ' and I go, 'To hell with you, and they say 'OK, I'll get out of your hair for a little while.'

"That's an actual conversation with auditory hallucination. It's the biggest handicap you could ever have."

26/06/2005 09:30