One star in particular has become a talking point in this year's I'M A CELEBRITY.. GET ME OUT OF HERE! - the one attached to Brian Paddick'S nether regions.

The former police chief has not been shy about his shower routine in the jungle, refusing to wear his swimming trunks to the surprise of his fellow campers.

Speaking to ITV, presenter Dec said, while he was surprised about the Brian's willingness to strip off, he was more taken aback with the size of the star that has been used to spare his blushes.

"Makes you think, doesn't it?" co-host Ant added.

Dec also pondered whether the star was put on afterwards or if it was there when Brian was taking his shower.

"Hmm… good question. Did someone have it on a stick and followed him around with it when he was naked, just in case anybody saw anything? That's what I reckon," said Ant.

The first contestant to leave the camp will be voted for by the public on tonight's show.

26/11/2008 11:05:14