Brian Paddick has become the sixth person voted off I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! despite spending his last night winning food for his campmates.

The former commissioner of the Metropolitan police won the ingredients for a cooked breakfast on his final night on the ITV1 show, after spending the night encaged with 40 rats, cockroaches and other creatures.

But having received the fewest number of viewer's votes, the London mayoral candidate has become the latest celebrity to leave the jungle.

Following his eviction he revealed his motivation for appearing on the reality show.

"For a long time I've been doing serious stuff. Thirty years in the police and running for mayor. It's all bad news that they want me to comment on," he explained.

"So I thought why not come and do something trivial."

But Brian found jungle life to involve boredom and hunger, adding that he lost a stone during his two weeks in Australia.

"It gets pretty tedious, if you don't get a trial or you don't get a celebrity chest to do you're just sitting around doing the same thing," he continued.

"Even the conversations were repeating themselves after a while because you just run out of things to say."

Asked who he wanted to win the show, he replied: "Simon [Webbe]. No doubt, no hesitation."

He added: "He is such a talented guy, such a good guy and such a role model. He's the guy I want to win."

02/12/2008 08:13:57