Fans wanting to learn more about R'n'B singer Brian McKnight are being urged to pick up his new album U TURN - because he declares it as his most personal recording to date.

Among other subjects, McKnight deals with his recent divorce on the album - although he insists the split was not messy.

He explains, "This is the most personal record that I made, and it's really not so much about a bad breakup.

"This hasn't been a bad break-up. We just decided that, you know, we should try something else. We love each other, you know-she's still my baby, but we just cannot be together for whatever reason."

McKnight only addresses the issue of divorce once on the album - on the song called SO SORRY.

He says, "It's all those feelings, not necessarily the situation, but all the feelings that go - the emotions that go through - that have come out on this record.

"The only song that really talks about the situation would be the Sorry song. That song I wrote that right after this all sort of fell apart and disintegrated."