Brian McKnight, the award winning R&B singer, has risked alienating his fans by writing another explicit song for an adult website. He was commissioned to write the song, though it's sparked a conversation between MCKnight and his fans on Twitter about the state of the music industry, reports the Washington Post.
MCKnight, best known for writing his wedding anthem 'Back at One', is certainly considered a credible artist, though his fans reportedly think his explicit tracks are cheapening his reputation. He has been defending his decision on Twitter, saying, "As a business man I can't ignore the opportunities that r out there especially when it's all in fun", before adding, "They (the website) asked me they appreciate creativity and are willing to patronize it". Though the musician has scored 16 Grammy Award nominations and sold plenty of records, he claims to have recorded the track for financial reasons, saying, "integrity won't pay the mortgages I will ask all of u how many of u would do your job for no pay?"
MCKnight's last record - 'Just Me' - was released on July 12, 2011. It featured a cover of George Michael's hit track 'Careless Whisper'.