Pop hunk Brian McFadden broke down on live TV last night (28OCT04) while discussing the end of his marriage to former Atomic Kitten, KERRY.

The ex-WESTLIFE singer's punishing solo schedule damaged his relationship with the ex-ATOMIC KITTEN and the couple's daughters MOLLY, three and LILY SUE, one, leading to their separation last month (SEP04).

But Brian choked back the tears as he told talk show host Frank Skinner how he and Kerry grew apart after meeting as 19-year-olds, but stayed together for their children.

He explained, "We sat down and said 'for the sake of the kids lets give it one more go' and obviously it didn't work out. For the first couple of years you can kind of deal with it. But the last year and a half it just got to the point where the magic was gone and we spent so much time apart."

McFadden made the revelations on THE FRANK SKINNER SHOW on British channel ITV.

29/10/2004 02:29