Irish pop heart-throb Brian McFadden has had his video for second single IRISH SON banned, after religious group THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS objected.

The former WESTLIFE singer has offended the Christian Brothers' St Fintan's School in Sutton, Dublin, after depicting the educational establishment's name in the promotional video, alleging he was beaten at school.

The lyrics include, "We were warped by the Christian Brothers/ In the cell blocks at our schools/ Get a handprint on your skin/ Before you break their rules/ Go hit me now/ That I'm twice your size."

The school say McFadden never went to their school and the video is damaging to their reputation.

McFadden's record label BMG have withdrawn the video and will be sending a new version to music networks.

BMG said they initially thought the school in the promo was fictitious.

23/11/2004 14:04