Brian McFadden and DELTA GOODREM spent several "awkward" hours shooting the video for their duet in silence, because they were so embarrassed about recent press reports romantically linking them.

The former WESTLIFE singer, 24, believes the media misinterpreted his professional relationship with Australian beauty Goodrem, because they teamed up so soon after McFadden split from his wife KERRY.

McFadden says, "It was a bit awkward because of all the stuff in the papers. We didn't even want to talk to each other at first because everyone was looking, thinking something was going on.

"I wanted to go over and say, 'Hello, how are you keeping?' but the atmosphere was weird."

However, McFadden is now determined to ignore the speculation and maintain his friendship with Goodrem.

He adds, "After the first day we just thought, 'Everyone can f**k off. Let's just be friends and not worry.' So it's fine now. Just because I'm friends with a girl, it doesn't mean something's going on."

23/11/2004 17:43