Irish pop star Brian McFadden believes his marriage to English singer-turned-reality TV star Kerry Katona was doomed to fail from the start. The ex-Westlife heart-throb and former Atomic Kitten member Katona separated in September 2004 after two and a half years of marriage and two daughters together. However, MCFadden - who has admitted having sex with a lapdancer on his stag night - claims they didn't spend their wedding night together and were more interested in the event being covered by Hello! magazine. He tells British publication Reveal, "It wasn't a real wedding. We were getting married to have a big party and get loads of money for it and to appear showbiz. "My marriage ended on the stag night." MCFadden, who is currently dating Australian singer/actress Delta Goodrem, adds, "I was too young to understand what having kids meant." Katona wed second husband MARK CROFT last month (FEB07).