Irish pop star Brian McFadden has appealed for full custody of his children from ex-wife Kerry Katona, because he is worried about their welfare. The former Westlife singer, 27, took his appeal to Taunton County Court in Somerset, England, on Friday (03Aug07), after becoming concerned about the well-being of Molly, five, and Lily-Sue, four, following Katona's run in with armed robbers at her Cheshire mansion last month (16Jul07). The British reality TV star and magazine columnist, 26, checked into London's The Priory clinic shortly after the ordeal. The couple have shared joint custody of their two children since their split in 2004 after 21 months of marriage. The kids have been staying with MCFadden's mother Mairead for the last few weeks while Katona seeks professional counselling, but the MCFaddens believe the kids are safer living with their paternal grandmother at her home in Ireland and have launched legal proceedings to secure full custody of the girls. A source tells Britain's The Sun newspaper: "(MCFadden) is not trying to persecute Kerry. But his whole family are concerned for the girls' well-being after the break-in. They have tried to talk to Kerry but all she does it scream and cry and shout down the phone. "Communication has completely broken down. They just want what is best for the girls."