LATEST: Brian McFadden's ex wife Kerry Katona has hit back at the former Westlife star's claims she cheated on him - insisting he was the one who was unfaithful. Irish star MCFadden, who is now seeing Australian singer Delta Goodrem, has branded his marriage to the ex Atomic Kitten star a "sham", accusing her of romancing her old flame DAN CORSI behind his back. But Katona has dismissed the attack as a cheap attempt to garner publicity. She fumes, "Maybe if he concentrated on his failing career and had a bit of success, he wouldn't need to keep attacking me to get publicity. "The cheating is absolute nonsense. He knows it's not true and I know it's not true. "There's only one person who cheated during our relationship. I mean, look at his stag do (MCFadden reportedly slept with a lapdancer). "I hope Brian gets success soon, so he can stop attacking me. All I've ever wanted was for him and Delta to be happy and for me to be happy with (fiance) MARK (CROFT)."