Brian McFadden ''definitely'' wants more children.

The 36-year-old singer - who shares two daughters Molly, 15, and Lily-Sue, 14, with his ex-wife Kerry Katona - recently struck up a relationship with PE teacher Danielle Parkinson, and has said he ''would like'' to expand his brood in the future.

Asked if he wanted more children, Brian said: ''Yeah I would like to definitely''.

And the former Westlife singer - who was also previously married to Vogue Williams - also admits to missing his two daughters' younger years, as they no longer want to do ''kids stuff''.

He said: ''I remember taking them on holidays to Disneyland, they wanted to do kids stuff. Now they're drinking Shirley temple, sunbathing and want to shopping and do adult stuff''.

The 'Real To Me' hitmaker was touring when both his daughters were born, and has said he'd love to have another child now that he can take the time to do ''the normal thing'' with them, such as take them to school.

Speaking during an appearance on TV3's 'Elaine Show' - where he was joined by former Boyzone singer Keith Duffy - Brian said: ''When our kids were born we were on the road. I remember having the kids on the road, its weird experience. Instead of picking them up from school and doing normal stuff you're on a tour bus with them, you're getting on planes. I loved to do the normal thing, your there every day, you're taking them up from school, watch them grow're missing the great stuff''.