Pop heart-throb Brian McFadden has jetted back to Ireland from his Scandinavian tour in a bid to save his marriage to former Atomic Kitten beauty KERRY.

According to friends, the couple's two-year marriage is struggling because of the former WESTLIFE singer's punishing solo schedule - which has left him no time to see Kerry or the couple's daughters MOLLY, three and LILY SUE, one.

A friend tells British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD, "They're going through a rocky patch, there's no doubt about that. She felt that after he quit Westlife he would be at home with her and the kids like one big happy family. That hasn't happened.

"Kerry has been left close to tears over that fact that Brian is never at home. She's a very emotional person.

"Brian wants to sort this out and so does Kerry. They have things to talk about and are determined to patch up what is a very strong and loving marriage."

The couples spokesperson, PR guru Max Clifford, confirms, "Yes, there have been a few problems, but they are getting it together and talking it through over this weekend. I'm sure everything will be resolved."

Kerry famously forgave her husband after a British tabloid expose accused him of sleeping with a lapdancer on his stag night, shortly before the couple wed in January 2002.

26/09/2004 15:07