The prominent animal rights campaigner is a vocal critic of fox hunting, and has organised protests against proposals to relax a ban on the practice which was introduced in Britain in 2004.

However, Brian joined forces with his former foes over the weekend (12-13Dec15) by attending the Three Counties Hunt in the countryside around the Welsh city of Swansea.

The rocker went along to see a revised version of the country pursuit, known as drag hunting, in which hounds and hunters track a scent laid by a human "runner" rather than a fox.

"Drag hunting is something we've thought about for some time. Not many people know what they are, but basically there's no killing involved," Brian tells

"These hunters use blood hounds as opposed to fox hounds, and are raised to track human scent instead of dead animals. People think these hunters are murderers but in fact they're moving away from blood sports. It's a completely clean and legal alternative.

"Drag hunting involves blood hound dogs who haven't been raised to track foxes, only humans. It's a completely different sport, and free of murder. Another type of legal hunt, trail hunting, does include dogs who are raised to track animals, so foxes can be inadvertently killed if they cross paths. I accept that, but this is different - these are honest people."

Despite his new-found enthusiasm for the sport, the rock legend declined to mount a horse and join in because he does not know how to ride.

"I wish I could join in. But I grew up in a very poor background (sic). We didn't have access to horses, so it would be pretty stupid of me to try," he adds.