The Queen star, who is a longtime animal rights activist, is furious over the potential closure of the U.K.'s National Wildlife Crime Unit, which tackles crimes such as badger baiting and poaching as well as international issues.

The threatened closure has been sparked after British politicians slashed policing budgets.

"Last year the National Wildlife Crime Unit was involved in the seizure of over 400 illegal items listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species," May tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "Britain is becoming a key destination in the international illegal wildlife trade... The work that the NWCU does combating these crimes is vital. It also tackles important domestic issues such a persecution of birds of prey.

"With the specialised expertise it has build up over a decade, it is essential we maintain this unit in its entirety. The last time the question of cutting support to the NWCU came up, David Cameron supported its continued funding.

"We confidently trust that he will now continue that support, and give the National Wildlife Crime Unit a secure future in these hard times."

A decision on the future of the unit has yet to be made by U.K. politicians.