Old Friends Don’t Come Easy is the latest collaboration between Johnson and Billings, the former singer of 80s band Stranger.

The track is Johnson's first recording since he quit AC DC in the spring (16), revealing doctors had told him he would be risking permanent hearing loss if he continued with the band's Rock Or Bust tour.

He was replaced by Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose.

The Thunderstrick singer insisted he wasn't done with music altogether and teamed up with in-ear technology specialist Stephen Ambrose to seek out new gadgets that could help him.

"It works!" he wrote about one breakthrough. "It just totally works and you can't argue with that. I was really moved and amazed to be able to hear music again like I haven't heard for several years now. I can't wait for it to be miniaturised so I can use it in every situation from normal communication, going out to noisy restaurants (and) performing live music onstage."

The Greg Billings Band's new album, Boom Boom All Night, also features a guest spot from Cheap Trick's Robin Zander.