British pop bad boy Brian Harvey is reforming his old band EAST 17 in a last-ditch bid to rekindle his music career.

Harvey was booted out of the band in 1997 after confessing to a tabloid newspaper he had taken the drug ecstasy.

Without him East 17 fizzled out of the charts, and Harvey's several attempts to relaunch as a solo artist failed to make an impact on the music-buying public.

But the four-piece are all so strapped for cash, they have agreed to reform for a potentially money-spinning chart comeback.

It's unknown if all bandmembers - Harvey, TONY MORTIMER, TERRY COLDWELL and JOHN HENDY - will take part, but Harvey tells British tabloid the DAILY STAR, "We are doing a low-key tour around December (03) to help launch our single."

29/09/2003 09:30