British pop star Brian Harvey has branded record industry bosses "paedophiles" and posted an alarming video online showing him smashing up his framed platinum discs in anger.

The former East 17 singer uploaded the clip to under the name "f**k the industry 2" and added the caption, "This is what I think of you all. F**k your record industry, and f**k your weird pedophile world (sic). F**k you".

Harvey appears furious in the video, and prior to smashing the discs against a trash can, he says, "East 17 one million sales - this is what it means. That's what I think of your f**king music industry."

Shortly after posting the clip, another video surfaced showing the singer cleaning up the remains of the records, with the caption, "Thank the lord for O.C.D (obsessive compulsive disorder)."

The strange clip comes just a week after Harvey met British Member of Parliament Simon Danczuk at the House of Commons in London to present information on historic abuse claims he has been gathering for months.