British pop star Brian Harvey has hit out at bosses of BBC Radio 1 by posting an expletive-filled rant under a video of singer Rae Morris covering one of his band's tracks.

The former East 17 frontman took to to slam the station for not playing his records despite posting a video of Morris performing the group's hit single Stay Another Day.

Harvey accuses the station of "protecting" paedophiles, and his comments come just weeks after he denounced the music industry in a video which showed him smashing up his framed platinum discs.

The pop star posted his latest bizarre rant from his own channel on the video sharing site before swiftly deleting the comments.

He wrote, "BBC Radio One. You will play anyone else as long as it's not me eh... Well done Rae Morris but Radio One you suck f**king a**e... Everyone is scared to tell you... F**k your radio station. F**k your staff. Stick your s**ty commercial poo bag station up your paedo protecting a**e."