Brian Harvey has been arrested on suspicion of sending ''malicious'' tweets.

The former East 17 singer was taken to a North London police station yesterday (22.11.17) for questioning about a Twitter account.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: ''The Metropolitan Police Service has received an allegation of malicious communications relating to a Twitter account.

''On Wednesday November 22, a man in his 40s was arrested on suspicion of malicious communications and has been taken to a north London police station. Enquiries continue.''

This comes after the 43-year-old star ran over himself in his own car in May 2005 and then claimed the incident occurred because he had just eaten a huge meal of three jacket potatoes covered in tuna mayonnaise and cheese.

He said he leaned out of the door of his vehicle to be sick because he was so full, but fell out and the car ran over him, leaving him with a shattered pelvis.

Speaking about the incident in August 2005, he said: ''I had just been stuffing my face with a load of jacket potatoes and I felt sick, so I opened my car door to be sick.

''Instead of putting my foot on the brake, I put it on the accelerator and it flew back, I must have hit four or five parked cars. It must have thrown me out of the car.

''My stomach was pushed into my lungs, which collapsed, and I was told the heel of one of my feet was found up round the back of my head.''

Brian was unconscious for three weeks afterwards and had to undergo a 12-hour operation.

What's more, in 2015 the 'Stay Another Day' hitmaker shared a bizarre music video in which he seemed to joke about the 2005 smash.

Brian covered Meridian Dan's 'German Whip' and replaced some of the lyrics with ''jacket potato and cheese and that,'' while dancing around with the edible items.