Brian Eno is still bitter his glam rock image meant he wasn't taken seriously during his early career.

The ROXY MUSIC star - famed for his ostrich plumes and heavy eyeshadow - says people couldn't reconcile his look with his intellectual thoughts.

Eno says, "When I started out in music, people couldn't resolve the image with the fact that I was articulate, that I liked talking about ideas. OK, here's this guy who looks like this, but he talks like that. He's supposed to be a rock musician, why's he so bloody brainy and worthy?

"At that time, part of the idea of the rock musician was 'I am pure unchanelled passion', THE Rolling Stones idea that it just possesses you and comes out of you and you don't know where it comes from and you don't even want to know."

Now that he's known as the brainiest person in pop, the 57-year-old is happy with his lot.

He says, "So now, because we have that phrase, Professor Eno, egghead, everybody thinks, oh that's him, of course he would talk like that, wouldn't he? I feel very happy with that description."

08/06/2005 09:16