Earlier this week (end29Jan17) an interview with the musician and activist was published in The Guardian newspaper, in which he was quoted as saying he was "pleased" about Trump's election because it would mean an end to "business as usual".

After being criticised on social media for his comments, Eno has moved to clarify his views, denying he is a Trump supporter.

He wrote on Facebook, "There was a Guardian interview with me earlier this week which had as its headline "We've been in decline for 40 years - Trump is a chance to rethink". I didn't use those words in that way (as reading the article would make clear), and they've been taken (particularly by some American websites) to suggest that I support Trump. Anybody familiar with my views will know that this is not true."

He added, "So: may I make something absolutely clear: I think Donald Trump is a complete disaster."

Raging against a political system and a media he called "corrupt" he explained that he believed Trump would be so terrible as president that people would come to reject his right-wing politics and demand change.

Explaining his view, Eno added, "Trump has proven beyond doubt that the system is broken, so let's fix it."

The billionaire reality TV host turned politician's first week as U.S. president has been full of controversy, as he has repeatedly attacked the media, been involved in a dispute with Mexico's president over a proposed border wall and claimed, with no evidence, that millions voted in November's (16) presidential election illegally.