Brian Blessed was ''deeply'' upset to read about his daughter's abusive relationships.

The 83-year-old star's daughter Rosalind has been influence by her own experiences while writing her plays - including her newest production 'The Delights of Dogs and the Problems of People' - and he admitted it was tough realising he hadn't been able to help.

He told the Guardian newspaper: ''[I only knew] a little because people lead their own lives.

''So it was deeply upsetting to read because you're very protective of your children.''

Brian explained he has a sensitive and feminist side after realising all his life lessons have come from women.

He explained: ''My heroes - my heroines - are women. All my life, 90% of men have bored the arse off me. And it is women who have taught me everything.''

Meanwhile, the star also opened up about suffering a breakdown at the age of 18 when a local review review accused him of ''overacting''.

His parents found their son - who was usually an extrovert - simply staring into the fire as he was so devastated by the comments.

He later collapsed into tears and passed out during a speech lesson, while his teacher revived him by stroking his head with a sponge and singing songs from Shakespeare.

Brian said: ''It was the only time in my life I've experienced a miracle. They stopped the storm in my head and cured me.

''But, in Yorkshire, they used to say of people, 'That one's got a tile missing.' And all I can say is that, on that day, my tile was put back in place.

''But I feel I always have to make sure that the tile can't come loose again.''