Former BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 stars Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering are poking fun at themselves on the big screen in Keira Knightley's upcoming movie DOMINO.

In the film, about model-turned-bounty-hunter DOMINO HARVEY, Green and Ziering play reality show hosts who become celebrity hostages - and they revelled in raising laughs at their own expense.

Green says, "We were the two characters no one had to get to know in the film. You know, as soon as you see the two of us, that we've got to be playing ourselves. It was an absolute blessing. I had a lot of fun poking fun at myself... If we took is seriously, it would be a waste of time."

Ziering adds, "It's a Tony Scott film; they told us who was attached, and we felt very fortunate. And it was done in a way that would help me put (90210) to rest.

"If I can spoof Ian and give people something a little different from what they expect, I'm all for it. And if I can take a couple of shots at 90210 and have a good time, that helps put it behind you."