Brian Austin Green ''really wants'' to have a daughter.

The 44-year-old actor has admitted he is keen to expand his brood with his partner Megan Fox - who already have Noah, four, Bodhi, three, and 12-month-old Journey together - and would love nothing more than to give their three sons a sister.

Speaking in a Facebook Live with Hollywood Pipeline, the 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star - who also had 15-year-old son Kassius with his former partner Vanessa Marcil - said: ''I don't know. I have four boys now, a fifth is a basketball team. So, that would kind of be awesome.

''I want a girl. I really want a girl.''

But the dark-haired hunk is ''worried'' if him and the 31-year-old 'Transformers' actress try for another baby, it will be another boy, which he is not ''ready'' for.

He explained: ''I'm worried that if I try I'll just get another boy. Not 'just' because I love my boys, but I'll have another boy, and I don't know if I'm ready for five.''

Brian and Megan have had their ups and downs in the past, which saw Megan file for a divorce back in August 2015, but the pair changed their mind and decided to ''stick it out'' and make their relationship work.

And Brian believes the key to their close bond is being able to fight and make up again with one another.

Speaking previously, he said: ''I don't know what the secret is. Just stick it out. Like fighting and making up, believing in each other.

''I've dated people before and you kind of get to that point where you go, 'You know what, I don't feel the same way,' and I've never reached that with her. I mean we fight, we disagree on things. But I don't want to go anywhere and she doesn't, you know? So we stick it out.''