Moviemaker Brett Ratner had to cast his mother as a weed-buying "white ho" in a Redman video at the start of his career - because he couldn't call on any actresses to drive to the Harlem, New York shoot at 4am.
The Rush Hour director admits rap videos prepared him for Hollywood because the artists are notorious for making last-minute demands if they feel the promo isn't going well.
And when Redman insisted on making one of his videos more "real", Ratner had to recruit his mother as a drug buyer.
He explains, "Redman says to me... 'This ain't real, man. I need to be selling weed to a white b**tch.' I said, 'But it's four in the morning; there's no white b**ches in Harlem.' He goes, 'What about that white ho over there?' I go, 'That's my mom!'
"She's proud of me; she's watching me direct this video. I said, 'Redman, I can't put my mom in the video.' He said, 'Put that b**ch in the video.' That's how my mom got to be in the Redman video, buying weed from Redman."