Director Brett Ratner found his famous friends most amenable when he decided to release a book of candid photos - except for singer Mariah Carey.

The Red Dragon film-maker has created HILLHAVEN LODGE: THE PHOTO BOOTH PICTURES, a new book containing shots his A-list pals have taken of themselves in the black-and-white photo booth he bought for his Hollywood home.

Most of those who posed - an star-studded list which includes MICHAEL JACKSON, Britney Spears, Ralph Fiennes, Liv Tyler, Justin Timberlake, COLIN FARRELL, Paris Hilton, Kim Cattrall, SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS, Jude Law and HEIDI KLUM - were more than happy to okay the book.

But Ratner laughs, "Everybody in the book is a personal friend, so I didn't have to contact anyone for permission. But some people had vanity issues.

"I had to send Mariah Carey - who's a very good friend of mine - the pictures to let her know which ones I would use. Some of them have to have image control."

23/09/2003 21:20