Brett Favre has got the backing of KURT WARNER to appear on Dancing With The Stars.
BRETT FAVRE, the NFL star and legendary quarterback, would be "good for ratings" if he appeared on the next season of DANCING WITH THE STARS, according to former contestant KURT WARNER.Warner, who almost made it through to the final of the celebrity dance contest, said inviting Favre onto the show would be good for business, adding, "Let me think on what old retired NFL guy should join the show. Brett Favre. That's a good idea. Plus controversy is good for ratings". Warner said that although Favre is a "surefire Hall of Famer", he has damaged his legacy somewhat with the explicit text message scandal, he said, "I do think some of the things that happened off the field has to hurt his legacy to some degree. I do think people look at him differently now - at least in the short term - than they did five years ago". Despite getting Warner's backing, an insider on the show has suggested that they will not be approaching the former New York Jets star, saying, "No way would 'Dancing' want any part of Brett. They love having colorful people in the cast but you have to remember this is a family show and not the right fit for someone who has been accused of e-mailing private photos of himself to young ladies".
Season eleven of DANCING WITH THE STARS was won by the actress Jennifer Grey after she defeated Disney star Kyle Massey in the final. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin finished third after receiving huge public support.