Brett Favre's famous 'Favre barn' in Winnebago County is no more.
BRETT FAVRE, the former Green Bay Packers quarterback, is no longer referenced in a message on the side of a famous barn in Illinois, reports Yahoo News.For years, the 'Favre Barn' honoured the legendary quarterback with a huge message that read, "4 Ever In Our..' followed by a 'heart symbol', a reference to Favre's shirt number that he wore during his time at the Packers. Even when the 41-year-old controversially moved to the New York Jets, the message still remained, but the 'heart' was broken into two pieces. However, last week, the tribute was erased and replaced with the message '12 is 3 x 4', a reference to Favre's successor AARON RODGERS who led the Packers to Super Bowl glory on Sunday (6th February 2011).
The owner of the barn, PATTI SCHRODER, reportedly used a 40-foot ladder to change the message by attaching pieces of old advertising signs from a gas station that she co-owns. Schroder said the area is "Mr Rodgers neighbourhood now". Favre, who was recently investigated by the NFL for allegedly sending explicit text messages to a pitch-side reporter, was this week encouraged to sign up for Dancing With The Stars by former contestant KURT WARNER