Brett Anderson has stopped making radio friendly music.

The former Suede frontman said with his latest solo record, 'Slow Attack', he has moved away completely from pop and into new, less commercial territory.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I'm not making music for the radio. I stepped out of the machinery of being in a band, and I'm doing something which inspires me artistically.

"I'm trying to do something with a different feel, that still pushes the right buttons, that inspires me but sounds different and feels different."

The 'Animal Nitrate' singer also said he's swapped doing drugs for books - but has no immediate plans to write an autobiography.

He added: "I used to be addicted to drugs and now I'm addicted to reading.

"I'd like to write something eventually but I'd never write a sort of history of my experience of being in a band in the 90s. I can't think of anything more boring.

"I had a funny idea of writing about my childhood that would stop up to the point when I started the band, like a suburban 'Cider With Rosie'. There's time for that when I'm 99."

'Slow Attack' was released on Monday (02.11.09).