Rocker Brett Anderson cheated death in the infamous Great Storm which battered Britain in the 1980s, claiming 22 lives.
The Suede frontman grew up on the south coast of the U.K., which was the worst-hit area when hurricane-force gusts and devastating whirlwinds struck in October 1987.
Now he's opened up about the terrifying night of horror, revealing he was inches from being killed when an enormous tree crashed through the roof of his former girlfriend's home.
Anderson, who was aged 20 at the time, tells Britain's Guardian, "During the Great Storm of 1987, I was staying in the spare room at my ex-girlfriend's parents' house when a huge oak tree crashed through the roof and stopped two-feet from my head.
"Luckily, I had closed the door which supported the trunk just enough to stop it from crushing my skull like a walnut."
The storm was the worst to hit Britain in almost 300 years and caused huge devastation across the U.K.'s south coast and the northern part of France.