BRET MICHAELS was working too hard leading up to his near-fatal brain haemorrhage last month (Apr10), according to his Poison bandmate RIKKI ROCKETT.
The frontman has been released from the intensive care unit at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona and is now recuperating in a rehabilitation centre after suffering bleeding on the brain.
Michaels is keen to recover completely from the health scare and is already eyeing a reunion with his band - even making plans for a 25th anniversary concert next year (11).
But Poison's drummer, Rockitt, wants his friend to slow down until he is fully better, because he had already warned the singer he was working too hard prior to the haemorrhage.
Speaking to news channel CNN, Rockitt says, "Our band, Bret, all of us... we come from the very hard working part of the east coast and I think that our will to work hard at stuff also plays into our will to live, because we're the kind of guys that just aren't done yet, we've got more stuff to do... More tours to do, more records to do and Bret certainly has a lot going on now.
"I think he may have been a little overworked and I've been a little concerned about that, trying to get him to slow down a bit... now he has to slow down."
Michaels' neurosurgeon Dr. John Boockvar is urging the star to ensure he fully recuperates before considering performing again: "I think it's important to recognise the amount of blood he had in the brain and that's an unnatural event. So we want to make sure that that heals and he does all the right tests to make sure that doesn't happen again. So I would make sure that he understands that his recovery should be a one time event and to emphasise that."