BRET MICHAELS' doctor urged his partner Kristi to bring their daughters to hospital after the rocker suffered a brain haemorrhage last year (10), fearing the rocker wouldn't survive his health battle.
The Poison star was admitted to an intensive care unit at a Phoenix, Arizona hospital last April (10) after suffering bleeding on the brain, just days after enduring complications following an appendectomy.
Michaels admits his first concern wasn't for himself - he was just "extremely sad" at the prospect of not being around for his young daughters, Raine and Jorja, if he didn't survive.
He tells Piers Morgan Tonight, "I said, 'Am I dying?' He (doctor) said, 'You're in a lot of trouble' and I heard him say to Kristi, 'I would bring your daughters down, if you have kids and they're awake, I'd bring the kids to the hospital' and that for me was the most surreal out of body experience I've ever had. I was looking around a room and people always say, 'Does your life flash in front of you?' but it doesn't. I got extremely sad, thinking my daughters will grow up without me, physically I won't be here.
"At that point they start giving you sedatives and an ambulance crew came in and that's the last thing I remember. About three days later was the first time I woke up."
Michaels - who was suffering a life-threatening side-effect of the condition called hyponatremia, a lack of sodium in the body that can lead to seizures - was reunited with his daughters after waking up and worked hard to reassure them he was "going to be fine".
However, Michaels admits the girls "had a rough time" dealing with the health scare, after seeing headlines and facing constant questioning from school pals about their dad.
He adds, "The greatest moment ever (was when I saw them), but at the same time (when) I saw my daughters in the hospital, it was bittersweet. I grew up in a family where self-pity doesn't work. I felt I couldn't look up (at them) too much. I'm sitting there and Georgia, my youngest, who's five, started crying immediately, and then Raine started crying and I told them that everything that was hooked up to me was helping me. I said, 'I'm totally going to be fine, I'm going to live.'... I think they had a tough time at first."