BRET MICHAELS was so convinced he'd lost the 2010 Celebrity Apprentice contest, he began plotting "mean" insults to hurl at Donald Trump before the winner was announced.
The Poison star had to pull out of the show when he first fell ill in April (10) to undergo an emergency appendectomy. Doctors then diagnosed bleeding on the brain and for five days he fought for his life at a hospital in Arizona.
During his recuperation he suffered a mini stroke and was subsequently found to have a hole in the heart, but jetted to New York for the finale in May (10).
However, he felt the trip was a wasted journey - because he was sure Trump would pick fellow finalist Holly Robinson Peete to triumph.
He tells Piers Morgan Tonight, "You know what I was thinking... when you get in there and you're going through tasks and winning and then fighting, not fighting, with people that you befriend, eventually you're gonna go head-to-head if you survive that long. I was sitting there thinking I've been really, really sick...
"I was sat looking over at Trump and thinking, he started with her (Robinson Peete)... and I thought I had lost. He has a pattern (of winners). I was going, 'I flew all the way out here almost dead and I'm gonna lose here in front of America.'"
Michaels admits he was secretly plotting what to say to Trump after he lost the contest - and was stunned when he was revealed as the victor.
He adds, "I was mad - in my head I was already thinking of mean things to say to him. I was staring him down and all of a sudden he goes, 'You won!'"