BRET MICHAELS has added another chapter to his long-awaited autobiography to include his recent health crisis.
The rocker suffered a brain haemorrhage and a mild stroke last month (May10) and learned he had a hole in the heart - and he decided the scare should be a part of his memoir, Roses & Thorns.
He tells, "I don't think Simon & Schuster has ever had a book like this, where every day something else happens to me. This book was supposed to come out June 23 of last summer."
Michaels reveals he delayed the book's first release so he could write about his prop-crashing incident at the 2009 Tony Awards, where he was left battered and bleeding after a stage curtain fell on him.
He adds, "This book is going to be like War and Peace times six. It's ridiculous."
Michaels now hopes to have Roses & Thorns out by the end of the year (10).