BRET MICHAELS, the American musician and former front-man of the rock band Poison, is set to undergo heart surgery in Phoenix today (24th January 2011) and the 47-year-old says he is confident of a quick recovery and hopes to leave hospital within a few days, reports the Arizona Republic.
Michaels has been a diabetic since the age of six and after receiving treatment for a brain haemorrhage last spring, doctors told him he also has a tiny hole in his heart. Despite today's surgery, the rocker seemed in high spirits over the weekend, saying, "I've done a lot of neurological tests, and they say I'm about 95 per cent there. I still have a little 'funk' with my left hand that I haven't quite figured out, but I think with a little more therapy, by one full year I'll be as good as I'm going to get". Michael's fiancee KRISTI GIBSON and the couple's two daughters checked into St Joseph's hospital in Phoenix yesterday and the musician is hopeful he will be allowed home sooner rather than later, saying, "Barring any complications, I should be out within three to four days".
The musician proposed to 40-year-old Gibson during the filming of a December 2010 episode of 'Life As I Know It' but says the couple are yet to set a wedding date, he said, "It may be the longest engagement in history, but I took the next step. I feel great. Nothing has changed except for the verbal abuse that I now have to take from my buddies".