Rocker BRET MICHAELS played through the pain during a recent concert after he was blinded when an alcoholic drink was spilled into his eyes.
The Poison frontman was preparing to play a gig earlier this month (Apr11) when the bizarre incident left him struggling to see.
He tells America's Star magazine, "I look up, the girl leans forward (over the venue balcony) and bumps her drink. The glass, straw and vodka with Red Bull falls into my eyeballs."
Doctors advised him to cancel the gig due to his irritated eyes, but Michaels refused.
He says, "We did it and it was probably one of the best shows I ever had."
The incident took place just days before the first anniversary of his near-fatal brain haemorrhage, which left him fighting for his life.
And Michaels reveals he still struggles from the residual effects of his health crisis: "There's something a little bit wrong with my left hand... (But) one of the most painful parts is the spasming of my neck, where the bleed happened in the back of my spinal cord."