Hollywood star Brendan Fraser is pleased his former The Mummy co-star Rachel Weisz will not appear in the third installment of the movie - because her replacement Maria Bello "adds interest" to the set. Weisz turned down the opportunity to play complete the trilogy as Evie in The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor and was replaced by Bello. And Fraser has praised the 40-year-old for bringing new energy to the film franchise. He says, "The show must go on and to work with Maria is a new experience that adds interest to the role. "We needed someone for the part. We didn't want to change the storyline where we start at a tombstone laying flowers at her grave. I don't want to give the joke away but I can promise you a brand new Evie." Fraser - who once dated Weisz - is now reportedly romantically linked to Bello.