Actor Brendan Fraser was terrified when he was forced to test an amusement park ride based on his hit movie The Mummy because the rollercoaster creators warned him it would be a scream. REVENGE OF THE MUMMY: THE RIDE was being designed at Universal Studios theme park and designers enlisted the actor's help to test how scary the rollercoaster was. He explains, "I was the guinea pig on The Mummy ride. "When they finished the movie they said, 'Brendan, come and get strapped into a chair while we throw you around and see if you vomit or not.'" The actor hints he may be gearing up for the third installment of the popular film franchise. He says, "I would love to (make another Mummy movie). I can't answer definitively if there will be another one. "But I could use a job because I've got another kid on the way."