THE MUMMY star Brendan Fraser is selling off a range of photographs he's taken over the years to benefit a Los Angeles theatre.

The actor has unveiled a range of haunting black-and-white snapshots which he took while in Vietnam making THE QUIET AMERICAN, as well as other pictures from his various film sets and travels.

The range of photographs are on display at the 24TH STREET THEATRE until 8 November (03), with sales to benefit the venue.

Fraser says, "It's like a place I used to go to when I was growing up in Seattle.

"They have outreach neighbourhood programs between four and seven o'clock, and it's a place where kids can come and poke their heads in and become exposed to theatre and acting.

"It's something where they can hang out that's really a community, as opposed to being on the streets. I think that's very special, so anything I can do to help that along, I will."

27/10/2003 21:17