British actress Brenda Blethyn is planning to quit acting next year (05), so she can spend more time with her longterm partner.

The OSCAR-nominated actress is keen to leave Hollywood behind and fulfil her ambition to tour the world in a camper van with boyfriend MICHAEL MAYHEW.

Blethyn, 58 - currently shooting a new version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - says, "I shocked myself yesterday by the realisation of all the roles I've had.

"I've gone from one to another. So I thought, 'Why don't I retire?' What's wrong with that?

"It would be nice to read a book, to potter about."

As for her financial situation, Blethyn adds, "I'm sensible with money and with what's left I am generous and a little bit frivolous.

"Economic stability is important to me. I don't borrow money. I can't bear to be in debt.

"As soon as I could, I paid off my mortgage."

16/09/2004 17:19