Breathe Carolina Announce UK Tour Dates In September 2011

Breathe Carolina Announce UK Tour Dates In September 2011

Breathe Carolina will be bringing their unique juxtaposition of hardcore guts and pop glory to the UK in September. The duo are more than ready to bring the party across the Atlantic from their native US - "We are seriously so excited to be getting back to the UK and Netherlands on our headline tour in September! We are currently touring the US with our new album Hell Is What You Make It, with a crazy light show... it's been amazing playing the new tracks each night and bringing the dance party! We can't wait to come and hang out with y'all and play you some new songs, it's going to be insane!" The new album from Breathe Carolina 'Hell Is What You Make It' is out now on Fearless Records.

It's no easy thing to carve a true niche in the current musical climate. With attention spans shorter than ever, the demand for a constant "something new" is a pressure that makes many acts crumble before they fulfill their potential. But for Breathe Carolina, setting the pace is something that comes second nature, and no more so than on new album Hell Is What You Make It. This is a new era, and for this genre-busting Denver, Colorado duo, it's time to play.

Hell Is What You Make It's central theme is about making the best of any bad situation, and finding the fun in the bleak times. Euphoric, pulsating 80s electro-influenced summer anthem 'Blackout' and its bleary-eyed partner-in-party 'Last Night (Vegas)', sees the band stay true to their roots of bringing the good times. Tracks like 'Sweat It Out' and 'Waiting' ooze with delicious temptation and tales of hedonistic encounters in dark rooms.