The actress who played Brandy's mum on TV is offering the troubled star her support after the singer's actions left a motorist dead - because she knows exactly what she's going through. Brandy faces possible vehicular manslaughter charges after causing a chain-reaction accident that claimed the life of AWATEF ABOUDIHAJ in December (06). And now THEA VIDALE, who played the singer/actress' mum in short-lived TV show THEA over 15 years ago is coming to Brandy's aid by revealing her own car crash nightmare. In a letter written to US tabloid the National Enquirer, Vidale urges Brandy to take strength from her own experiences, explaining, "A few years ago, all four of my kids were together in a car... Sadly they had an accident that killed the other driver. "We were all scared and devastated... I won't pretend it was easy, but we got through it by praying together as a family and relying on God's strength. "I'm sure you're in prayer now, too, and you need to ask Him to give you the help you need to make it through this... I know you're a survivor and that with the support of your family and friends - and your faith - you will overcome this awful tragedy."