R+B superstar Brandy is urging Britney Spears to think twice about dashing down the aisle for the second time in a year, because she fears the pop singer isn't thinking straight.

The soul star - who married producer Robert Smith two years ago, had a child and then got divorced - admits she wasn't ready to wed, and fears Spears isn't either.

Now 24, Brandy says, "Britney, chill. Find yourself and then go down the road.

"Your mind has to be in a certain place in order to get married and you have to understand that this is a forever type of thing and you're making a decision to do something really big, so, if you're not ready for that, don't do it. I wasn't ready for it.

"My advice to anybody out there is if you're getting married because you're secure and comfortable and you're really just cool with this person that's not what's gonna sustain a marriage. You have to have the foundation of love."

Spears' publicist confirmed the singer was engaged to dancer KEVIN FEDERLINE last week (25JUN04) after less than three months dating.

In January (04), the TOXIC singer wed Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, before having the union annulled 55 hours later.

30/06/2004 09:32