R+B star Brandy caused a stir at a recent basketball game, when she got into a huge row with ex-boyfriend Kobe Bryant's wife VANESSA.

The BOY IS MINE singer, 25 - who accompanied the 25-year-old LOS ANGELES LAKERS ace to his high school prom in 1996 - was seated just one row away from Vanessa, 21, on 4 January (04) when she went to LA's Staples Center to watch a game.

A source tells American magazine US WEEKLY, "Both women were arguing and making hand gestures. At one point, Vanessa turned around and flashed her $4 million (GBP2.2 million) ring in Brandy's face.

"(Brandy) just shrugged it off, holding out her hands, giving the universal sign for 'Whatever'."

Brandy's representative insists the two were arguing with a rude fan.

05/02/2004 09:32