R+B star Brandy has spoken out about her divorce for the first time insisting she knew she wasn't in love with her husband ROBERT SMITH soon after their baby daughter was born.

The singer split from her husband after a short marriage last year (03), and admits the separation wasn't especially painful.

She says, "It was just a realisation for me that I wasn't in love. I think if I was deeply in love, it would have been tough.

"I had thoughts about my daughter and Robert's feelings, so I wanted to consider that, but, for me, just totally alone by myself, I wasn't really heartbroken."

Brandy adds she came to the conclusion that her marriage left her feeling "secure" and "comfortable", but that wasn't enough: "I just couldn't live the rest of my life like that. I had to say, 'You know what? This ain't it for me. I've gotta do my thing.'"

Brandy is now reportedly dating LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS basketball star QUENTIN RICHARDSON.

07/05/2004 19:24