R+B star Brandy has addressed her recent marriage meltdown in a song on her upcoming album.

The 24-year-old singer secretly wed music producer Robert Smith in a secret ceremony in the summer of 2001, announced the following year she was pregnant with her first child SY'RAI, now aged one.

But things quickly came crashing down between the pair who divorced last year (03), and Brandy has now chosen to share the experience on her upcoming untitled album.

She says, "Anyone who has been in a long relationship - deep like marriage, deep like six years, deep like a level where you're not with anyone else, and you break up - when you see that person, you're gonna be like, 'Is it over? Did we make a mistake?'

"The lyric is, 'Don't wanna lose my focus, but it's bound to leave every time you come running into me. What we used to be shouldn't even matter to me.'

"But (the song) didn't say it doesn't matter, because when you see (them), it's like, I'm trippin'."

24/02/2004 21:04