R+B star Brandy deeply regrets her feud with fellow singer MONICA - because she's certain they could've made a huge amount of money together if they'd remained friends.

The singers scored huge chart success with their 1998 duet THE BOY IS MINE, but quickly fell out when Monica admitted she was upset when Brandy performed the song solo on Jay Leno's chat show, and Brandy was reportedly annoyed when Monica opted to take the name of the duet tune for the title of her album.

But Brandy now regrets their bickering - because she believes they've lost out on a potential fortune.

She says, "I look back at the Monica situation, and I'm kinda upset, because Monica and me could have milked the industry for everything it had with that song.

"I felt bad with everybody trying to put us in competition with each other. That messed everything up for me, to be honest. We could have the The Boy is Mine tour and had Brandy and Monica dolls. It could have been crazy."

16/08/2004 21:07